IC Thinking Collaborators

IC Thinking is both an intervention science research group based out of the Department of Psychology at the University of Cambridge, and a social enterprise that designs and implements interventions using IC theory. Several IC Thinking Collaborators are members of the EU Radicalisation Awareness Network (RAN) 'Pool of Experts'. 

Dr. Eolene Boyd-MacMillan

Eolene is the Co-Founder and Co-Director of IC Thinking. Her research background is in social psychology, theology, and personal and social change through conflict. Eolene focuses on public mental health promotion  and organisational and community development to reduce extremist polarisations. Her professional background includes adult and child counselling, policy research, and government.  

Dr. Sara Savage

Sara is the Co-Founder and Co-Director of IC Thinking. Her research background is in cognitive and social psychology. Sara investigates the social and cognitive dynamics involved in extremisms and worldview clash, drawing on social neuroscience and the political dimensions of conflict. Prior to research, her professional background was in dance and choreography. 

Dr. David Good

David contributes to IC Thinking strategic planning and development as an organisation. His research career began with a focus on human language use and social interaction, but has developed over the years into the application of a variety of theories and methods from psychology to a broad range of issues. These have included questions of technology and policy design, and the evaluation of outcomes in diverse professional and educational settings. His academic post is in the Cambridge Psychology Department, he is a fellow of Kings College, is currently one of the leaders of the University's Strategic Research Initiative focussed on the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and over the course of his career has been heavily involved in University Governance and Leadership.  

Laura Mathieson

Laura contributes to IC professional practices, education method, and partnership development. Her background is in community development, participatory action research, and creative arts. As a community coordinator with the Corra Foundation (formerly called 'Lloyd's TSB Foundation for Scotland'), she works alongside community members to support place-based innovation for sustainable social change.

Tim Watson

Tim contributes to IC course facilitation, development, and national and international partnerships. His background is in psychology and social care with local authorities, and primary education. He is a senior educational psychologist and founder and director of New Horizons Psychology. 

Andrew Race

Andrew contributes to IC course facilitation and development. His background is in leadership research and in public relations and marketing, having founded and directed his own firm for sixteen years. He is an Anglican priest in the diocese of Derby. 

Ben Baruch

Ben contributes to IC Thinking research. His background is in conflict, security and development. While conducting his doctoral research in the Department of Psychology at the University of Cambridge, he is also an analyst at RAND Europe focusing on social policy and international affairs.


Amanda Ptolomey

Amanda contributes to IC professional practices, education method, and partnership development. Her background is in third sector regional, national, and international project development and management. As a doctoral student at the University of Glasgow, she is researching youth wellbeing using participatory approaches and is a collaborator in the BUILDPEACE EU project: building peacebuilders through integrated formal and non-formal learning approaches. 

Patricia Andrews Fearon

Patricia contributes to the research and design of IC Interventions. Her research focuses on emotion and cognition in intergroup conflict with a particular interest in intervention science. Before returning to academic research, Patricia's career was in journalism and media.  She is a Gates Cambridge Scholar in the Department of Psychology at the University of Cambridge.

Dr. Jose Liht

Jose contributes to IC research (measures and statistical analyses) and theoretical development. His background is in survey analysis, large educational datasets, machine learning, research design, and clinical psychology. He is Impact Statistician at Camfed, and previously lectured at the Universidad Iberoamericana.

Nicola Shephard

Nicola contributes to IC course facilitation and development. Her background is in faith development research and youth work. She is the Anglican Chaplain at Martin Luther King Multi-Faith chaplaincy and a Teaching Fellow in education at Aston University, a qualified mediator with the London School of Mediation, and has a PGCE in Higher Education.

Professor Ian Linden

Ian contributes to IC research and international partnership development. His background is in international relations and religion, particularly in Africa, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe. He is a Visiting Professor at St. Mary's University, Strawberry Hill, London, a former member of the Christian-Muslim Forum, and was awarded a CMG in 2000 for his work in human rights. 

Lindsay Branham

Lindsay contributes to IC Thinking research and the design of IC film interventions. The founder of Novo, an incubator for art, her background is in documentary filmmaking, program design and implementation in conflict areas, and she studied trauma and mental health at Harvard Medical School. Currently studying psychology at the University of Cambridge, her research focuses on testing new technologies like Virtual Reality to reduce prejudice in intergroup conflict.